Welcome to The Consult

As they start nearing the end of their careers, I think almost any FBI agent can relate to having a constant thought of “what am I going to do when I retire that I love as much as working for the FBI?” In my case, I didn’t think I could do anything else. This was the only thing I liked, and the only thing I knew how to do.  

I grew up a huge true crime fan, and books such as Helter SkelterThe Blooding, and Mind Hunter shaped many, if not all, of my life choices and made me the person I am today. I love anything true crime – the books, the shows (Dateline Keith!), and, of course, the podcasts. I’ve probably listened to every true crime podcast out there. I listen while I fold laundry, while cooking dinner, driving anywhere, and before I retired, while out on surveillance. Some podcasts are extremely well-produced. Others, not so much. But I don’t care, because no matter what, I always learn something. I know that all the true crime podcasters out there are just like me in their love of this genre. They inspired me to start my own.  

The idea of this podcast revolves around the consultations I participated in as a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). When cases were submitted to the BAU, the result was a consult. Following an initial examination of the entire case file by the profilers, a consult would be held. Consults tended to be informal, with the lead investigators presenting all the available facts and evidence, and the profilers offering their observations and opinions. There was ample discussion, and sometimes disagreement. In the end, it was the investigators who decided what they found useful or not useful. These consults were some of the best times in my career.  

The Consult podcast is a way for me to continue what I love doing, with the people I love working with. It’s truly a labor of love, and we’re doing everything ourselves, with the help of family and good friends who believe in us. I’m sure we’ll adjust and improve as we go, but what we do offer is a wealth of knowledge and understanding of criminal behavior, gained from over 100 years of combined real-life law enforcement experience.  

I hope you enjoy it.