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I was recently interviewed by Jerri Williams for her podcast FBI Retired Case File Review. I first heard about Jerri’s show from a new agent (right out of the FBI Academy) in our office. He was a huge fan and found inspiration to join the FBI from hearing about the cases and careers of retired FBI agents featured on Jerri’s show. I listened and loved it as well. I think what I might have loved even more than all the retired agents’ stories, however, is Jerri’s own story – from an FBI agent investigating huge white collar crime cases, to media coordinator for the Philadelphia Division of the FBI, to crime fiction writer, to true crime podcaster. She’s innovative, hardworking, and entrepreneurial.

I wanted to go on Jerri’s show not only to tell my story about working on the Golden State Killer case, but also because I was thinking about doing a podcast with a few of my former colleagues. I figured it would not only be good practice, but also give me a chance to learn a little more about the process of podcasting. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, but after talking with Jerri, she encouraged me.

Since my interview with Jerri, we have recorded six episodes of The Consult. Our first few episodes are dedicated to an even more in-depth analysis of Joe DeAngelo, aka the Golden State Killer. You’ll also get to hear the perspective of my partner on the case, retired FBI agent Bob Drew. On future shows, we will be analyzing, from a behavioral perspective, a variety of cases including other serial offenses (sexual assaults and murders), single homicides, and even white-collar crime. If you asked me a year ago, I never would have believed I’d being doing this.

The FBI Agents Association announced Jerri Williams as its Distinguished Service Honoree for 2021. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. Through her podcasts and books, Jerri supports the FBI, and their employees, at every phase. She inspires talented young people to join the FBI; she highlights the phenomenal work and careers of FBI employees, both past and present; and she’s an important guiding influence and source of unwavering support for retired FBI agents as they embark on their post-bureau endeavors.

Thank you and congratulations to Jerri Williams and FBI Retired Case File Review.

You can listen to my interview here:


2 comments on “Jerri Williams
  1. Donna says:

    I just left you all the 5 star review you deserve and as I was writing it (again bc I accidentally lost the better one) I was thinking you all should go on Jerri Williams podcast/show. So great and so glad I checked your website and found your post. I didn’t see your podcast interview number so I’ll search for it around the date. Of course, the podcast could have a number of interviews to post before you. I’m going to check now.
    Love your podcast having just listened yesterday. I had it on a reserve list and somehow just started it. I’ll listen o them all.
    Try to give longer podcasts. For me, that’s important. That may have been why you were on my reserve list! You all have so much to give but less than 60 minutes could make not post a review, seriously. I didn’t know it when I posted the review. I know, who am I, just a retiring divorce attorney – ugh – but I have an injury which caused me to stop working and thus giving me lots of time to listen to true crime podcasts and audiobooks. So I have experience in listening, lol. I want to hear what you all have to give. Four people, your current podcast, in 29 minutes is next to nothing. I’m hoping you read this and take it to heart. People like me who are into SERIOUS “TRUE CRIME” PODCAST wants to listen to your realities. If you don’t have more than 7 minutes to give us then….people like me may start think you are just in it for your own cred esp topped with a Jerri interview I wonder if his is an intro for a book or more name recognition. So I put this here and didn’t intend to be so cynical, which in my profession is my middle name. I want my podcast host to feel dedicated to the listener and thinking of it 7 minutes isn’t. Very few will read this. My review is accurate you guys are 5 stars there are just my 5am up since 3 am thoughts about it. I’m assuming you will post it. Think about my critique like this…I’m really just asking for MORE of your great podcaST, RIGHT?

  2. Donna says:

    Your Jerri Williams episode number is #242. You can post that so fans can find it.!!

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