Profiling Joe DeAngelo, Part 1

Known as the East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, and Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo terrorized California from 1974 – 1986. He was infamous for breaking into homes, ransacking them, and sexually assaulting female victims when their male companions were also home. In 2011, FBI agents Julia Cowley and Bob Drew of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, were called in to work on the case and profile DeAngelo who was at the time, still unknown. In the first few episodes of The Consult, Julia and Bob discuss DeAngelo’s crimes, his personality traits and characteristics, and the profile they gave to investigators.

3 comments on “Profiling Joe DeAngelo, Part 1
  1. Jon Raynor says:

    Looking forward to future episodes. James is a truly terrible person. If a movie is made chronicling DeAngelos exploits, which actress and actor would you like to see portray the behavioral analysis team of Julia and Bob? 🙂

  2. skidson says:

    Great article can’t imagine a more informative article.

  3. PAIGE J GERHART says:

    As a kid knowing D’Angelo was running around at night in my neighborhood was a lot for a 14 year old. I was in Sacramento for the summer of 2018 and heard live this unhuman murderer, rapist had finally been apprehended from in the middle of the area where he committed some of his crimes. I went to his house after police, fbi were done with the property. It was 20 minutes of flashbacks on how I felt in in 1976. To bad decades passed before justice was done.

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