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Hunting Grounds

The victims of Joe DeAngelo can be described collectively as living at a low risk for violent crime victimization. They were respectable members of their communities, living without any significant or apparent conflict, in relatively safe neighborhoods. None of them were noted to have engaged in significantly risky behavior that would have enhanced their likelihood…

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Jerri Williams

I was recently interviewed by Jerri Williams for her podcast FBI Retired Case File Review. I first heard about Jerri’s show from a new agent (right out of the FBI Academy) in our office. He was a huge fan and found inspiration to join the FBI from hearing about the cases and careers of retired…

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Welcome to The Consult

As they start nearing the end of their careers, I think almost any FBI agent can relate to having a constant thought of “what am I going to do when I retire that I love as much as working for the FBI?” In my case, I didn’t think I could do anything else. This was the only thing I liked, and the only…

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